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Frank Turner Believe - Signature Brew. This is my 3rd Signature Brew band collaboration and I’m noticing a consistent disconnect between the bottle tasting notes and what is in the bottle. Which is a shame as this isn’t bad, but is more of a decent IPA than a ‘modern twist on a trafitional wheat beer.’ Didn’t get any wheatiness from it and I think if I had it would have been a carbon copy of Blue Moon (which I actually quite like). Putting the bottle description aside, this is fresh and citrussy, it is very drinkable - not brilliant, but not bad either. Hopefully Signature can improve on this as I like the idea they are persuing and I think they could get great tasting beer in front of an audience that wouldn’t choose a ‘craft ale.’ At the moment though their beers fall consistently short and feel a bit style over substance.

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